50 Ways To Get A Baby To Take A Nap

Every new parent I have ever known is worn out, sleep-deprived, and simply exhausted!  It’s no wonder – according to research by Pregnancy and Birth magazine, newborn babies take an average of 56 minutes to fall asleep at night.   Parents typically have to get up two or three times during the night to calm their baby back to sleep.   Couple that with getting up to feed your baby on average every 4 hours,  means the average Mother gets only three and a half hours of sleep a night! This kind of exhaustion can put a strain on your marriage.

So how do you get your baby to sleep?  Here are a few quick and easy techniques to help you get your baby to sleep faster than the average 56 minutes.

Remember though, that every child is unique. What works beautifully for one baby won’t necessarily work on another. And by the same token, what’s doesn’t work for one, might end up being just exactly what your baby needs to sleep.

Keep an open mind and stay flexible. No one technique will work with every baby all the time or even all the time for the same baby.  If one approach doesn’t work, try another one.  You’ll need to experiment until you find just the right combination for unlocking your baby’s sound sleep, so you can finally get yours.

50 Ways To Get Your Baby To Take A Nap

  1. Offer your baby a pacifier and make sure there are several in the crib so he can easily locate one
  2. Develop a sleep association by giving him a special stuffed animal or blanket for sleeping with
  3. Give an Effleurage Massage – using a light gentle touch, slowly glide your fingers over your babies soft skin. Start at the head and end at the toes.
  4. Do a diagonal stretch of your babies body – hold your babies opposing hand and foot and gently pull an inch or two in opposite directions. Rest a few seconds and repeat. Stretch the other hand and foot diagonally, rest and repeat
  5. Swaddle’ your baby – it provides warmth and security
  6. Use a ‘sleepsack’
  7. For babies over 1 year, give warm milk just before bed
  8. Circle his ear gently with your finger, from top to bottom, round and round
  9. Allow baby to have direct skin to skin contact with you by sleeping naked on your chest with a light blanket draped over him – your body temperature will keep him warm
  10. Lay your baby on his tummy and gently but firmly rub his back in a circular motion
  11. Lay your baby sideways across your arm with his head resting in your palm, legs dangling, and keeping him close to your hip or stomach gently move back and forth.
  12. Turn the faucet on – the sound of running water is extremely soothing
  13. Give your baby a warm bath using Lavender fragranced baby wash and lotion just before bed
  14. Place your recently worn shirt or nightgown in the crib with your baby – your ‘scent’ will comfort him all night long
  15. Place a few drops of vanilla extract on babies night light – the vanilla scent is extremely calming
  16. Play a CD or noise maker with nature sounds
  17. Play a CD or noisemaker with the sound of waves crashing on a beach
  18. Play a CD or noisemaker with the sounds of a rainforest
  19. Play a CD or noisemaker with the sounds of the mother’s womb
  20. Talk him to sleep’ by gently telling him that he’s getting very, very sleepy, his eyelids are getting very, very heavy and he’ll soon be drifting off into never-never land
  21. Tell your baby a story in a quiet voice
  22. Cradle your baby in your arms and sitting on the each of the bed gently bounce up and down, up and down, up and down
  23. Make sure your babies feet are warm – have him wear socks or footed pajamas
  24. Put your baby in a car seat and take a ride in the car until he falls asleep
  25. Make sure your babies nasal passage is clear
  26. Don’t use a pillow in your babies crib
  27. Take your baby outdoors before sleep time to induce drowsiness
  28. Quietly sing a lullaby or hum a simple tune
  29. Rock your baby to sleep
  30. Turn on the ceiling fan in baby’s room, if you have one if you don’t have one use a portable fan
  31. Hang a mobile in your baby’s crib, turn it on and let him watch it as he falls asleep
  32. Blow’ gently in your baby’s face – it encourages him to close his eyes which will help him fall asleep
  33. Keep the lights very dim in baby’s room at night time and use blackout curtains during naptime
  34. Put your baby in a motorized swing
  35. Pur your baby in his infant seat, place on top of the dryer and turn it on – do NOT do this if your baby is mobile at all and never leave baby unattended
  36. Double diaper your baby or use extra thick diapers at night to keep your baby comfortable and encourage him to stay asleep
  37. Cradling your baby close, gently swing him back and forth while walking around the house
  38. Place both hands on the mattress on either side of the baby and bounce the mattress until baby falls asleep
  39. Put baby in a sling or front carrier and just go about your daily routine until baby goes to sleep
  40. Run the vacuum cleaner, back and forth in babies room until he falls asleep
  41. Pull a small portion of a blanket, cloth napkin, etc. over babies face and rock back and forth – be sure not to cover babies entire face to avoid suffocation
  42. Place a ticking clock close to babies bed – the repetitive noise will soothe him to sleep
  43. CALM DOWN! If you’re tense, guaranteed your baby will be too – take a deep breath and relax!
  44. Put baby in an infant seat and place near the running dishwasher – the sound will help soothe him to sleep
  45. Whisper over and over to your baby
  46. Warm your babies blanket in the dryer before wrapping her in it for sleep
  47. Be sure you (if you’re nursing) and/or your baby isn’t eating any ‘gassy’ foods before bed
  48. Be sure baby’s bed isn’t under or too near a window or vent to avoid a draft
  49. Gently rub your baby’s belly with warm olive oil to release any gas build up
  50. Lay a warm heating pad in baby’s bed to warm it up just before putting the baby to bed

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