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Wristbands – Rising Trend With Kids

Kids cycle through and get attached to fashion accessories rather quickly. The majority of styles move through being in style and then out of style; sometimes ...

How to Survive Chaperoning a School Trip With This Field Trip Chaperone Checklist

Chaperoning school outings can be a fun, rewarding experience and is a great way to give back to your school community. Schools just cannot provide these ...

How Can I Reduce Test Anxiety?

Simplified test-taking strategies. Have you ever stayed up all night cramming for a big test, walked into the hall sleep deprived and hungry and managed to ...

Benefits of Personalized Stick On Name Labels For Kids

Labeling kid's belongings - Useful Ideas Children have an overwhelming amount of things. Who can blame them? Parents just want to give them the best of ...

[Over] Sorry In Sign Language And 7 Essential First Baby Signs + Giveaway

One of the best things you can do as a parent for your baby is to teach them sign language. Babies can understand and communicate before they are verbally able ...

Is Your Kid Getting Bullied At School? Here is How You Can Help!

One in 7 students in US schools is a bully or a victim of a bully. Bullies frequently have emotional problems, histories of extreme distress or PTSD, and ...

How To Deal With A Troubled Child

Thousands of children have been surrendered through safe haven laws nationwide by desperate parents. Parents sometimes need help with raising their children. ...

Do Video Games Cause Violence In Youth?

Video games are the lifelines to kids who are looking for things that they called “cool and fun,” but there are many studies that prove video games are one of ...

Practicing For The Great American Campout 2019

Ok, I'm giving you five whole months to get ready for your next family adventure. Saturday, June 22, 2019, is The Great American Campout! I love this event. I ...

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    Those feelings of not having control can feel overwhelming. The best we can all do is take a deep breath and realize we can only do what we can do. Start with your immediate surroundings, try to be in control of your emotions and actions without requiring yourself to be “perfect.” It’s ok to fail. It’s ok to fall, the main thing is that you are moving forward, which means your fears and anxiety may “feel” overwhelming but in the full scheme of things you’re kicking anxiety’s butt just by moving forward a little each time!

    Think of it this way, the next time you feel your anxiety taking over, think to yourself “What am I so anxious about? I mean really? I’ve accomplished ____, I’ve ____ and I’m pretty awesome. I got this!”

    You got this!

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