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Practicing For The Great American Campout 2019

Ok, I'm giving you five whole months to get ready for your next family adventure. Saturday, June 22, 2019, is The Great American Campout! I love this event. I ...

Camping With Infants and Toddlers – RV, Tent or Travel Trailer?

Taking a baby on a camping trip can present a challenge to the camping experience. Choosing the right camping situation will help keep baby safe and secure. ...

Special Needs: Impact Of Disability On Siblings And Parents

DISABILITY AND THE FAMILY From Shere. M.O. (1956) Socio-emotional factors in families of the twin with cerebral palsy. Exceptional Children, 23:197-208. ...

Twinless Twin

Loss of multiple(s) "We don't know what to say to the school. They keep on talking about what is best for our twins. But I explode inside-"these are not our ...

Special Needs In Multiples: Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Sensory difficulties and Intellectual Disability

Major Disability In the USA, federal legislation mandates support for children with reading disability or ADHD. In many other countries, the situation is very ...

ADHD Checklist For Teachers (FREE)

Introduction to downloading the questionnaire   The Disruptive Behaviours Questionnaire covers the key DSM and ICD questions for ADHD, Oppositional ...

Special Needs In Multiples: FREE ADHD Questionnaire For Parents of Mulitples or Single-Born

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ADHD is now often being overdiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed so that some children who actually need help are ...

The Multiple School Years: Multiples at Secondary School

The aim here is to deal only with issues of adolescent multiples and schooling. More information about adolescent multiples, in general, can be found ...

Living With OCD Spouse

Sometimes it can be very exhausting to be me. What I like to refer to sometimes as my "quirks" is actually a form of OCD that is integral to every part of me ...

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    Those feelings of not having control can feel overwhelming. The best we can all do is take a deep breath and realize we can only do what we can do. Start with your immediate surroundings, try to be in control of your emotions and actions without requiring yourself to be “perfect.” It’s ok to fail. It’s ok to fall, the main thing is that you are moving forward, which means your fears and anxiety may “feel” overwhelming but in the full scheme of things you’re kicking anxiety’s butt just by moving forward a little each time!

    Think of it this way, the next time you feel your anxiety taking over, think to yourself “What am I so anxious about? I mean really? I’ve accomplished ____, I’ve ____ and I’m pretty awesome. I got this!”

    You got this!

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