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Why Is It Important To Discipline Your Child?

We all know that the most important thing parents can give their children is love.  But did you know that discipline is the second most important thing?  ...

How Do I Let My Child Know I Love Him?

Children, even as infants, are constantly asking their parents, “Do you love me?”  Children, and especially infants, can only ask this question through their ...

Resolve To Be A Better Parent This Year

What could be better than resolving to be a better parent this year?  Here are three basic resolutions for moms and dads: Be more positive, more ...

About Me

My name is Christina. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother.  Since there aren’t nearly enough "mommy-blogs" littering the internet, I decided to do my part in ...

Starting Life As A Multiple Birth Child – Background Information For Education Staff

Starting life as a multiple This section is only intended to provide some background information for education staff. Much more detail of the medical aspects ...

Multiple Births Statistics, Facts And Figures

Introduction This post sets the scene for the subsequent posts by providing background information about multiples in general and introducing some of the ...

Special Needs In Multiples: Are Twins More Likely To Have Learning Disabilities, Reading

Reading - Are reading problems more common in multiples and why? Photo Credit: We have already seen more multiples have delays in speech and ...

Special Needs In Multiples: Supporting Multiples with Special Needs

Supporting Multiples with Special Needs Every family regards their multiples as special. Unfortunately in some of the families, one or more of the children ...

The Multiple School Years: Best Practice and School Policy – Parent & Teachers Guide

When multiples are registered for school it is important to consult with the parents and to assess the children.  Remember to: Identify the children by ...

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    Those feelings of not having control can feel overwhelming. The best we can all do is take a deep breath and realize we can only do what we can do. Start with your immediate surroundings, try to be in control of your emotions and actions without requiring yourself to be “perfect.” It’s ok to fail. It’s ok to fall, the main thing is that you are moving forward, which means your fears and anxiety may “feel” overwhelming but in the full scheme of things you’re kicking anxiety’s butt just by moving forward a little each time!

    Think of it this way, the next time you feel your anxiety taking over, think to yourself “What am I so anxious about? I mean really? I’ve accomplished ____, I’ve ____ and I’m pretty awesome. I got this!”

    You got this!

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