Roasted Yukon Potatoes

The Voices in My Head Should Just Shut Up and Eat

I love Christmas. I really do. I enjoy almost everything about it. But it’s around this time every year that I begin to have panic attacks. These attacks usually take the form of one of two voices in my head. During the day the voice sounds kind of like a Jewish mother: “You’ll never lose weight if you eat as much as the whole city of Minsk.” “What? Your parents are such a black hole of doom that you have to move […]

Christmas is No Time for Prison Food

As I sit here in my red velvet, ermine-trimmed evening garb, in my fashionably decorated house, I ponder what new recipes to bestow upon my hordes of blog readers. My handsome, perfectly-coiffed (yet straight) “butler” cleans up the remnants of another Martha Stewart-like meal prepared in my fabulously well-appointed kitchen…. (Insert sound of screeching record album here.) Okay, okay. So I lied about the red velvet evening garb. And the “butler.” And the Martha Stewart meal. And the fabulously well-appointed kitchen. And […]
Hamburger Stuffed Bread

It’s the “Just Say No to Turkey” Weekend

Can you feel it? The panic is starting to build. It’s the “what-am-I-going-to-do-with-74-pounds-of-leftover-turkey?” trauma. It begins as soon as you realize that the turkey has been sitting out way past its salmonella bedtime and all the extra space in your fridge has been taken up with bottles of Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc. In a convenient economy size. After off-loading most of the meat into takeaway containers for my guests, I start to longingly eye the trash can. I know, I know. I […]