Babies (3-12 months)

(3-12 months)

Why Are Manners Important In Life

Why Are Manners Important In Life? There’s only one thing my son does that bugs me and that’s coughing without putting his hand over his mouth, which he often does over our dinner. We’re tackling this problem at the moment! As soon as he was old enough to understand us and could talk we taught him to say ‘please’ nicely if he wanted something and ‘thank you’ if he was given something. We also get him to say excuse me or pardon […]
50 Ways To Get A Baby To Take A Nap

50 Ways To Get A Baby To Take A Nap

Every new parent I have ever known is worn out, sleep-deprived, and simply exhausted!  It’s no wonder – according to research by Pregnancy and Birth magazine, newborn babies take an average of 56 minutes to fall asleep at night.   Parents typically have to get up two or three times during the night to calm their baby back to sleep.   Couple that with getting up to feed your baby on average every 4 hours,  means the average Mother gets only three and a […]