Is Your Kid Getting Bullied At School? Here is How You Can Help!

One in 7 students in US schools is a bully or a victim of a bully. Bullies frequently have emotional problems, histories of extreme distress or PTSD, and inadequate problem solving and social skills. They certainly have no empathy for their victims. ...

The Making Of A Bully – Rule #1 Never Say No!

Nature versus nurture, we hear it all the time; that unique combination of traits that makes a person. Some derived from genes and others from the environment. I've been thinking a lot about this lately, particularly after my son and I leave his ...

Toddler Bully Is Making Me Want To Kick His Mother In The Teeth!

I am very, very angry right now. Angry at the mother of another toddler in my son's gymnastics class. I'm angry at his mother because I cannot be angry at the toddler, who is a bully.     My Son Is Very Shy My son is very shy. I know ...

Parent Positive Kids
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