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Guest Post: Advantages Of Being A Twin Prepared Me For Fatherhood

Hi all! Big thanks to Christina for allowing me to share my experiences with you. My name is Robert, and I’m new to parenthood (I have an 18-month old daughter), but one thing I have extensive experience with is being a twin. Unless you’re in the middle of a drug-induced bender or you’re a narcissistic douchebag, how many people can say that they became best friends with their reflections? It’s weird, but I think that my “twinness” has helped to mold me […]
The School Years - Achievement Progress of Multiples

The School Years: Achievement and Progress of Multiples

Introduction Time spent at school is an important part of everyone’s life. However, it must be remembered that school is only part of the larger picture of development and the time of most rapid development has already happened in the period from birth to preschool. For multiple birth children, the presence of their co-multiple(s) may bring additional challenges, often starting with the question of whether it is better to keep them in the same class or to separate them. But there are […]

PreSchool: Getting Multiples Ready

What can families do? There are many good guides available locally about how to prepare children for preschool and what makes a child ready for preschool. Skills such as knowing their name, their age, basic colors, drawing and counting skills, holding a crayon etc. are not specific to multiples. However, it may be important to assess these skills relative to their prematurity. There are also some more specific things for multiples. The start of school may be too late for parents to […]
Individuality of Multiple Children

PreSchool: Individuality of Multiple Children

A model for relationships between multiples A critical difference between singletons and multiples is the nature of the multiple birth relationship and the impact that it may have on personal, social and emotional development. Central to personal, social and emotional development is the development of the individual and self-esteem. Some multiples are unable to function or develop as individuals; others are so desperate to establish their individuality that they polarise their behavior so that they are the exact opposite of their twin. […]
PreSchool: Comparison, Rivalry & Competition of Multiple Children

PreSchool: Comparison, Rivalry & Competition of Multiple Children

Why are multiples so frequently compared? It is part of human nature to make comparisons and although siblings may be compared by parents, friends, teachers, and others, for multiple birth children direct comparisons can be made from birth without the “excuse” that one of the children is considerably younger. “Relatives and other people are always comparing them. They even do it in front of the children saying other people are always comparing them. They even do it in front of the children […]

PreSchool: Parenting Multiples

Stress and Depression Why start with such a negative topic? While most parents manage and enjoy their twins or higher multiples, some do not. There are now several population-based studies that show a higher rate of depression in parents of young twins that is not just postnatal depression, but ongoing problems right up to school-age. There have been no really convincing studies of triplets. However, one study from well before the birth found that almost 40% of parents were being treated with […]

Should “Multiples” Be Separated In School?

Together or apart? Concerning separation in school, Helen Koch (1966, p134) states: “There have been endless assertions about the hazards of not keeping twin-pair members apart at school, and the time for disjoining is usually affirmed to be when the children enter school. It is a common beedis-joining usually affirmed to be when the children enter school. It is a common belief that twins on the entrance to school have, because of their youth, fabulous powers of adjustment and that dissociation from the sib […]

PreSchool: Helping Your Multiple Develop Language Skills

1. Are multiples more likely to be delayed and why? In the preschool years, all children develop language skills. Over the last 70 years, many studies have indicated this is the area where twins and higher multiples are most likely to be different from single-born children. Thus, language is the main focus of this section. Delays in language have complex and wide-ranging implications for children’s development. Multiples may be behind singletons in their articulation and in their ability to express themselves. Their […]
help for parents of multiples

Single? Where to Find Help For Parents Of Multiples?

No longer are single moms a rarity: The current U.S. Census Bureau figures are high, says Andrea Engber, director and founder of the National Organization of Single Mothers, single mother columnist for Working Mother magazine and the editor of single mother newsletter. In the book, The Complete Single Mother, co-author single moms Engber and Leah Klungness, Ph.D., noted that “28 percent of all (U.S.) births were to single moms.” And today, the phenomenon of single motherhood “crosses every demographic stratum. In fact, […]