Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo

Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo: Civilization and its Discontented Babies

by Laura Bassi Zaff, Ph. D. Parenting is a huge responsibility and a wonderful part of life. Of course, most parents want to do what is best for their families. Sometimes, in our culture, the way we were parented or the way that others tell us we should parent our children is inconsistent with what comes if we parent from the heart. When this happens, people sometimes begin to question their instincts, and instead of going with what is in their hearts, […]
Important To Discipline Your Child

Why Is It Important To Discipline Your Child?

We all know that the most important thing parents can give their children is love.  But did you know that discipline is the second most important thing?  Actually, love and discipline cannot be separated.  In order to have a well adjusted, happy, confident child, making that child feel loved is the most important thing you can do.  But love without discipline isn’t enough.  Discipline is equally important. So, what is discipline?  It’s important to know that discipline is NOT punishment.  Punishment is […]