Multiple Births

Special Needs In Multiples: Supporting Multiples with Special Needs

Supporting Multiples with Special Needs Every family regards their multiples as special. Unfortunately in some of the families, one or more of the children are particularly special because of some physical, intellectual or behavioral disability ...

The Multiple School Years: Puberty, Independence and Stereotyping

Differences in puberty Mary Rosambeau speaks of a pair of twin girls where one began her periods over three years before the other. While this is the normal range of variation across the population, it is obviously more difficult for multiples. You ...

What Causes Twins, Triplets or More – FREE Zygosity Questionnaire

What Causes Twins, Triplets or More Identical and non-identical twinning Some introduction to the biology of twinning is important for the appreciation of multiples in school. There are two types of twins: Non-Identical, who stem from the ...

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