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The School Years - Achievement Progress of Multiples

The School Years: Achievement and Progress of Multiples

Introduction Time spent at school is an important part of everyone’s life. However, it must be remembered that school is only part of the larger picture of development and the time of most rapid development has already happened in the period from birth to preschool. For multiple birth children, the presence of their co-multiple(s) may bring additional challenges, often starting with the question of whether it is better to keep them in the same class or to separate them. But there are […]

PreSchool: Getting Multiples Ready

What can families do? There are many good guides available locally about how to prepare children for preschool and what makes a child ready for preschool. Skills such as knowing their name, their age, basic colors, drawing and counting skills, holding a crayon etc. are not specific to multiples. However, it may be important to assess these skills relative to their prematurity. There are also some more specific things for multiples. The start of school may be too late for parents to […]
How to Choose the Best Daycare Center

How to Choose the Best Daycare Center

Initial Phone Call The first thing to do when looking for a daycare center is get together a list of the centers you want to call. You may get this information from the phonebook, the Department of Human Resources or other agency in your area that monitors daycare centers, or a private company or organization in your area that maintains a current referral list. When you sit down to make the initial call, you need to have a list of questions you […]
Flying With A Toddler Checklist

Flying With A Toddler Checklist – Free Printable Download

Traveling with your children is one of the very best ways to expose them to new experiences. The knowledge they gain and the new discoveries they make will stay with them for a lifetime. Traveling with your kids is also a wonderful way to make long-lasting family memories. However, if you’re not prepared, you might find yourself stepping into a potential nightmare! Children definitely have their own special needs. Being prepared when traveling with a child by having activities to help reduce […]
Our Children as Zen Masters

Our Children Cause Us To Grow Emotionally And Spiritually

Do you want to achieve emotional and spiritual enlightenment? Do you envy people who can go and sit on the mountaintop and meditate all day? Often as parents, we feel more like the woman on the left! However, as part of my series of tips on parenting, I want to highlight the capacity our children have for causing us to grow emotionally and spiritually. For many people, kids provide a much more powerful Zen training than you can get in most monasteries. […]
Tips on Parenting: Overcoming Chaos and Feeling Overwhelmed

Tips on Parenting: Overcoming Chaos and Feeling Overwhelmed

If you are experiencing overwhelm, chaos and battling mood issues such as anger, depression, and anxiety, it can seem completely hopeless. You may feel that although you love your children deeply, the parenting thing just isn’t working out as you planned. You may even have days where you wonder if it is even worth it because your life feels so out of control. In this article as part of my series of tips on parenting, I’ll share from my personal and professional […]
50 Ways To Get A Baby To Take A Nap

50 Ways To Get A Baby To Take A Nap

Every new parent I have ever known is worn out, sleep-deprived, and simply exhausted!  It’s no wonder – according to research by Pregnancy and Birth magazine, newborn babies take an average of 56 minutes to fall asleep at night.   Parents typically have to get up two or three times during the night to calm their baby back to sleep.   Couple that with getting up to feed your baby on average every 4 hours,  means the average Mother gets only three and a […]
Important To Discipline Your Child

Why Is It Important To Discipline Your Child?

We all know that the most important thing parents can give their children is love.  But did you know that discipline is the second most important thing?  Actually, love and discipline cannot be separated.  In order to have a well adjusted, happy, confident child, making that child feel loved is the most important thing you can do.  But love without discipline isn’t enough.  Discipline is equally important. So, what is discipline?  It’s important to know that discipline is NOT punishment.  Punishment is […]
How Do I Let My Child Know I Love Him?

How Do I Let My Child Know I Love Him?

Children, even as infants, are constantly asking their parents, “Do you love me?”  Children, and especially infants, can only ask this question through their behavior, and so consequently we give them our answer to our behaviors.  Not just by what we say, but by what we do.  And believe me, what we say carries far more weight than what we do!  So, how do I let my child know I love him? First, by eye contact.  The more parents make eye contact […]