The Pros and Cons of Parenting Classes

The Pros and Cons of Parenting Classes

The Pros and Cons of Parenting Classes More and more parents are choosing to enroll in parenting classes. It could be because there are so many parenting classes out there to take or maybe because today’s parents are more interested in learning about the latest parenting strategies. Either way, parenting classes can be a great way to learn about your child’s developmental stage while also making connections with other parents. That said before you rush off to enroll in a parenting class, […]
Real Rainbow Poop

Rainbow Poop & MacGuyver in Training!

Once upon a time, there was a mother who had three children. One child was very compliant, one semi-compliant and one – not so compliant. The mother went through many trials and circumstances training up her three blessings but finally managed to successfully bring them to young adulthood. Looking back over her task, she felt quite confident in her parenting abilities and proclaimed herself ‘parenting expert.’ Teachable Moments God saw an opportunity for a ‘teachable moment’ and decided to bless the mother […]
Stay In Love After Marriage

How To Stay In Love After Marriage

Many of the best tips on parenting that I know are about our personal growth, and not about our kids at all! I first encountered the idea that parenting is meant to grow ourselves up from an early mentor of mine, Dr. Gordon Neufeld. It was so helpful for me to realize that the ways my kids pushed my buttons were opportunities to grow and become a happier, more mature adult. Reframing the many issues parenting brought up for me helped me […]