Stay In Love After Marriage

How To Stay In Love After Marriage

Many of the best tips on parenting that I know are about our personal growth, and not about our kids at all! I first encountered the idea that parenting is meant to grow ourselves up from an early mentor of mine, Dr. Gordon Neufeld. It was so helpful for me to realize that the ways my kids pushed my buttons were opportunities to grow and become a happier, more mature adult. Reframing the many issues parenting brought up for me helped me […]
Parents To Be ‘One Voice’

Why It’s Important For Parents To Be ‘One Voice’

Bobby, age 3, is throwing sand at kids in the park. After repeated warnings that the child will have to go home if he doesn’t stop, Bobby starts screaming and continues to throw sand. Dad grabs Bobby and is ready to put him in the car and take him home. Bobby’s Mom thinks this is too harsh and suggests they divert him with a snack. Dad says ‘no, we’re leaving now’ and the argument breaks out – A familiar scene? A house […]