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Guest Post: Advantages Of Being A Twin Prepared Me For Fatherhood

Hi all! Big thanks to Christina for allowing me to share my experiences with you. My name is Robert, and I’m new to parenthood (I have an 18-month old daughter), but one thing I have extensive experience with is being a twin. Unless you’re in the middle of a drug-induced bender or you’re a narcissistic douchebag, how many people can say that they became best friends with their reflections? It’s weird, but I think that my “twinness” has helped to mold me […]

Growing A Man

You should know going in that I had rather delusional visions of grandeur about this whole fathering business. I knew right away when my eldest son, Benjamin, was born that I was going to be a Father with a capital F. Sure, anyone siring a child is a father in name, but I planned to father with purpose! I wanted to impart to my sons all that it means to be male. Despite my good intentions, however, I quickly discovered that this […]
Real Rainbow Poop

Rainbow Poop & MacGuyver in Training!

Once upon a time, there was a mother who had three children. One child was very compliant, one semi-compliant and one – not so compliant. The mother went through many trials and circumstances training up her three blessings but finally managed to successfully bring them to young adulthood. Looking back over her task, she felt quite confident in her parenting abilities and proclaimed herself ‘parenting expert.’ Teachable Moments God saw an opportunity for a ‘teachable moment’ and decided to bless the mother […]