Christmas is No Time for Prison Food

As I sit here in my red velvet, ermine-trimmed evening garb, in my fashionably decorated house, I ponder what new recipes to bestow upon my hordes of blog readers. My handsome, perfectly-coiffed (yet straight) “butler” cleans up the remnants of another Martha Stewart-like meal prepared in my fabulously well-appointed kitchen…. (Insert sound of screeching record album here.) Okay, okay. So I lied about the red velvet evening garb. And the “butler.” And the Martha Stewart meal. And the fabulously well-appointed kitchen. And […]

10 Ways To Bring Creativity Into Your Every Day Life

1. Sing in public. 2. Make up your own words. Call a fortune cookie a “pork chop cookie”. 3. Wear funny hats. 4. Believe anything is possible. 5. Make a big mess. 6. Recycle. 7. Draw on napkins in restaurants, on bill envelopes, on the walls, on the screen door, on your body, on anything you can get your hands on. 8. Be inspired. 9. Anthropomorphize everything. Make the salt and pepper shakers talk to each other. 10. Build your dream home.

Monday Mug OCD

So as I’ve mentioned before, I have a few OCD tendencies. Nothing major, and nothing that really slows down my day, just a few things that if not done properly leave me with an impending sense of dread. One of these is my morning coffee mug rotation. The morning mug rotation began when I was single and had moved into an apartment that had a dishwasher. I wasn’t going to wash mugs out one at a time when I could just stack […]
The Mom Zone and The Turd Geyser

The Mom Zone and The Turd Geyser

“What’s that?” asked Mom, pointing at something moist and forbidding reclining on the front lawn. “A turd,” sighed my brother, Donald. Earlier that day, my husband, Tracy and I met up with Donald at Mom’s vacation house in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, for a community yard sale. You had to own a house to participate. After signing up, homeowners would put sale items out on their front lawns, driveways, or porches. Donald was helping her set up her stuff. My brother lives […]