Special Needs

Special Needs: Impact Of Disability On Siblings And Parents

DISABILITY AND THE FAMILY From Shere. M.O. (1956) Socio-emotional factors in families of the twin with cerebral palsy. Exceptional Children, 23:197-208. This picture from Shere's study in 1956 raises two questions : (i) the image of the other ...

Special Needs In Multiples: Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Sensory difficulties and Intellectual Disability

Major Disability In the USA, federal legislation mandates support for children with reading disability or ADHD. In many other countries, the situation is very different. The UK has limited residential support for very disabled children, while ...

Special Needs In Multiples: FREE ADHD Questionnaire For Parents of Mulitples or Single-Born

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ADHD is now often being overdiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed so that some children who actually need help are not getting it. In 1996 it was demonstrated that ADHD was slightly more common in twins than ...

Special Needs In Multiples: Are Twins More Likely To Have Learning Disabilities, Reading

Reading - Are reading problems more common in multiples and why? Photo Credit: Tamba.org We have already seen more multiples have delays in speech and language and these are associated to some extent with problems in reading). There is no ...

Special Needs In Multiples: Supporting Multiples with Special Needs

Supporting Multiples with Special Needs Every family regards their multiples as special. Unfortunately in some of the families, one or more of the children are particularly special because of some physical, intellectual or behavioral disability ...

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