Toddlers (1-3 years)

Children and Depression, Anxiety in Children and Perfectionism

I am a recovering perfectionist. As such, I have a lot of experience with anxiety, depression and other issues that perfectionism can trigger. My love for my beautiful daughter has pushed me to get to an even healthier place of healing from perfectionism. What I don’t heal, she picks up on and adopts as her way of dealing with the world. Seeing her become perfectionistic and hard on herself has been a powerful motivator for me to change. Impossible Goal Parents who […]

Why Are Manners Important In Life

Why Are Manners Important In Life? There’s only one thing my son does that bugs me and that’s coughing without putting his hand over his mouth, which he often does over our dinner. We’re tackling this problem at the moment! As soon as he was old enough to understand us and could talk we taught him to say ‘please’ nicely if he wanted something and ‘thank you’ if he was given something. We also get him to say excuse me or pardon […]
Toddlers And Tantrums

Toddlers And Tantrums

Toddlers and tantrums – they just seem to go together,  If you have a Toddler, you will undoubtedly have temper tantrums from time to time.   Tantrums can be infuriating, frustrating and embarrassing for parents.   What should you do when your child throws a temper tantrum?  First, it helps to know what’s causing the tantrum.  Then you can act accordingly. There are many different reasons for tantrums in young children, but they usually fall into one of 3 categories : The […]
50 Ways To Get A Baby To Take A Nap

50 Ways To Get A Baby To Take A Nap

Every new parent I have ever known is worn out, sleep-deprived, and simply exhausted!  It’s no wonder – according to research by Pregnancy and Birth magazine, newborn babies take an average of 56 minutes to fall asleep at night.   Parents typically have to get up two or three times during the night to calm their baby back to sleep.   Couple that with getting up to feed your baby on average every 4 hours,  means the average Mother gets only three and a […]
Flying With A Toddler Checklist

Flying With A Toddler Checklist

Traveling with your children is one of the very best ways to expose them to new experiences. The knowledge they gain and the new discoveries they make will stay with them for a lifetime. Traveling with your kids is also a wonderful way to make long-lasting family memories. However, if you’re not prepared, you might find yourself stepping into a potential nightmare! Children definitely have their own special needs. Being prepared when traveling with a child by having activities to help reduce […]

Potty Training or Mommy & Daddy Training

So many people think potty training is this huge, big deal.  But should it be?  Look around a little and you’re sure to find tons of articles offering all kinds of advice and techniques on how and when to ‘potty train’ your child. I recently saw an article that ‘guarantees’ your child will be potty trained in 3 days!  Really? And let’s not forget all of the well-intentioned advice from family and friends on this subject.  My Mother-in-law swears that her son […]
3 Year Old Meltdowns - Toddler Temper Tantrums

3 Year Old Meltdowns – Toddler Temper Tantrums

Is it really “The Terrible Two’s”?  Or could it be that this is the first time that parents really have to step up to ‘parent’ their child and they just don’t know what to do?  Up until about the age of 18 months, parents have been mostly caregivers.  They’ve kept their children safe, protected them from harm, fed them, clothed and nurtured them.  They’ve met their most basic needs – not something that most people need to be taught to do.  But […]