Monday Mug ~ OCD Examples – I’m a posterchild For OCD!

So as I’ve mentioned before, I have a few OCD tendencies. Nothing major, and nothing that really slows down my day, just a few things that if not done properly leave me with an impending sense of dread. One of these is my morning coffee mug rotation.

The morning mug rotation began when I was single and had moved into an apartment that had a dishwasher. I wasn’t going to wash mugs out one at a time when I could just stack them in the dishwasher and go about my business. So, being single, I went through a week’s worth of dishes, and therefore a week’s worth of mugs before I got around to running the thing.

I wound up buying a plethora of mugs to use in the morning. No two mugs were the same, although some were similar, and I had back-up mugs to use in the case of tea. You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you? Gradually I assigned a mug to a day, and that’s the way it was. Deviating from this routine brought on The Dread. I don’t handle The Dread very well, so it’s best not to deviate.

All of my mugs are very large since I like a substantial amount of coffee in the morning (one could say I like a multitude, abundance or even a plethora of coffee in the morning). When hubby and I first moved in together, he drank from teeny-tiny white mugs. Boring. All the same. Very small. Blah. It wasn’t long before he was drinking out of my big mugs AND MESSING UP MY  MUG ROTATION. How could I drink from the striped Starbucks mug on Wednesday, when he had used it on Tuesday? Not to mention the fact that the striped Starbucks mug is a Wednesday mug: no other day will do.

So I reworked my system, based on how often we run the dishwasher, and assigned him a mug to use each day as well. Crisis averted. Except, he refuses to learn the system.

Most days, he humors me, “Today is Tuesday, honey. What mugs do we drink from today?” And I tell him (Tuesday is the Gilmore Girls mug for me, and the $1 Target mug for him). But some days, SOME DAYS, he gets up before me, makes coffee AND GRABS MUGS WILLY NILLY. Can you imagine my horror upon finding that he’s used my Monday mug (Barnes and Nobles mug with authors printed on it) on a Sunday! What will I do on Monday? Skip coffee altogether? Wash out the mug by hand? Run an emergency load in the dishwasher Sunday night? The Dread closes in and I spend the whole day looking over my shoulder. Because he refuses to learn the system.

So. I need input here. Am I right in thinking that it’s been YEARS; he should just learn the system by now and stick with it or is he right in thinking that it’s bad enough that it takes up space in my brain, he won’t let it take up space in his? Feel free to vote, and elaborate in the comments.

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