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Moms Cranberry Relish

Comfort Food to Soothe the Soul

It’s pretty much a well-known fact that whenever life starts to get out of hand (either from a personal or world perspective) people turn to the traditions of their youth for a little comfort. And what exemplifies “getting out of hand” more than the holiday season hot on the heels of a political election? Holiday Pre-Stress Fortunately for those of us who are already suffering holiday pre-traumatic stress disorder, Thanksgiving is tailor-made for traditions. There are some good ones—like my Mother’s pie […]
Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo

Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo: Civilization and its Discontented Babies

by Laura Bassi Zaff, Ph. D. Parenting is a huge responsibility and a wonderful part of life. Of course, most parents want to do what is best for their families. Sometimes, in our culture, the way we were parented or the way that others tell us we should parent our children is inconsistent with what comes if we parent from the heart. When this happens, people sometimes begin to question their instincts, and instead of going with what is in their hearts, […]

Growing A Man

You should know going in that I had rather delusional visions of grandeur about this whole fathering business. I knew right away when my eldest son, Benjamin, was born that I was going to be a Father with a capital F. Sure, anyone siring a child is a father in name, but I planned to father with purpose! I wanted to impart to my sons all that it means to be male. Despite my good intentions, however, I quickly discovered that this […]
How to Choose the Best Daycare Center

How to Choose the Best Daycare Center

Initial Phone Call The first thing to do when looking for a daycare center is get together a list of the centers you want to call. You may get this information from the phonebook, the Department of Human Resources or other agency in your area that monitors daycare centers, or a private company or organization in your area that maintains a current referral list. When you sit down to make the initial call, you need to have a list of questions you […]
The Mom Zone and The Turd Geyser

The Mom Zone and The Turd Geyser

“What’s that?” asked Mom, pointing at something moist and forbidding reclining on the front lawn. “A turd,” sighed my brother, Donald. Earlier that day, my husband, Tracy and I met up with Donald at Mom’s vacation house in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, for a community yard sale. You had to own a house to participate. After signing up, homeowners would put sale items out on their front lawns, driveways, or porches. Donald was helping her set up her stuff. My brother lives […]

Thanksgiving: An Underappreciated Holiday

It’s here, folks! The start of the Holiday Season in America. Actually, the season started before the candle was blown out in my jack-o-lantern, but whatever. Thanksgiving heralds what has become America’s most contradictory season. Many people face November and December with a feeling of dread. The holidays are seen by them as a time when we spend too much money on people we’d don’t especially like, we consume too much food and alcohol, and commercialism poisons what is supposed to be […]
Real Rainbow Poop

Rainbow Poop & MacGuyver in Training!

Once upon a time, there was a mother who had three children. One child was very compliant, one semi-compliant and one – not so compliant. The mother went through many trials and circumstances training up her three blessings but finally managed to successfully bring them to young adulthood. Looking back over her task, she felt quite confident in her parenting abilities and proclaimed herself ‘parenting expert.’ Teachable Moments God saw an opportunity for a ‘teachable moment’ and decided to bless the mother […]
Instill Positive Body Image

How To Instill A Positive Body Image In Each Of Your Multiples

“Hey, Good Lookin’!” How do I look? Am I fat? Am I thin? Am I good looking? How multiples answer those questions depends upon each child’s image of herself – a self-image shaped by parents, co-twin(s), other siblings, culture, traditions, other relatives, friends, and the media. A child’s perception of her body matters: “It’s practically impossible for a child to feel good about herself if she’s uncomfortable with her appearance,” wrote Debra Phillips, M.D., and Fred Bernstein, in their book, How To […]
Flying With A Toddler Checklist

Flying With A Toddler Checklist – Free Printable Download

Traveling with your children is one of the very best ways to expose them to new experiences. The knowledge they gain and the new discoveries they make will stay with them for a lifetime. Traveling with your kids is also a wonderful way to make long-lasting family memories. However, if you’re not prepared, you might find yourself stepping into a potential nightmare! Children definitely have their own special needs. Being prepared when traveling with a child by having activities to help reduce […]