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How To Stop Yelling When Angry

Yelling has been called the new spanking. When I survey the parents I work with, I frequently am asked for help learning not to yell at your kids.  Although it represents great progress that we don’t consider hitting our children to be acceptable anymore, many parents feel stuck yelling at their kids, while being aware that this is not the way they want to parent. Yelling can cause long-term damage to the relationship, and to self-esteem, and cause our children to ignore […]

How Hyper Parenting is Backfiring + Book Giveaway

Video Discussion: The Over-Scheduled Child: Avoiding the Hyper Parenting Trap by Alvin Rosenfeld MD and Nicole Wise. Hyper Parenting Leaves Youth With Debilitating Anxiety A young college student said this powerful statement, “Praise is the new criticism,” on a CBC special last night on Hyper-Parenting. He went on to say that behind every praise is the expectation that the behavior will be repeated. I’ve taught for years that we have to be very careful with praise. This young man bluntly stated the damage […]

Anxiety in Children And Tools To Overcome Perfectionism

I am a recovering perfectionist. As such, I have a lot of experience with anxiety, depression and other issues that perfectionism can trigger. My love for my beautiful daughter has pushed me to get to an even healthier place of healing from perfectionism. What I don’t heal, she picks up on and adopts as her way of dealing with the world. Seeing her become perfectionistic and hard on herself has been a powerful motivator for me to change. Impossible Goal Parents who […]

Why Are Manners Important In Life

Why Are Manners Important In Life? There’s only one thing my son does that bugs me and that’s coughing without putting his hand over his mouth, which he often does over our dinner. We’re tackling this problem at the moment! As soon as he was old enough to understand us and could talk we taught him to say ‘please’ nicely if he wanted something and ‘thank you’ if he was given something. We also get him to say excuse me or pardon […]

(FREE) Challenging Negative Thoughts Worksheet ~ ANT

If you have had issues with anxiety and children, you know how challenging it can be. As the parent of a daughter with a tendency towards anxiety, I have been so grateful for the work of Dr. Daniel Amen. His powerful ANTS concept has helped me to teach my daughter how to ward off those anxious thoughts that, if left unchecked, can lead to full-blown anxiety disorder. Dr. Amen Dr. Amen is a psychiatrist and physician, who has numerous popular books on […]
Parenting your Sensitive Anxious Child

Parenting your Sensitive and/or Anxious Child

Read this article even if you haven’t dealt with anxiety and children, special needs, disrespectful children, or otherwise challenging-to-raise children! Chance are you automatically have judgments when you see children having a tantrum or acting poorly in public, even if those judgments are sympathetic to the child or the parent. How you react can be part of increasing peace in the world, or adding to the pain and misery. Many parents who are dealing with anxiety and children, special needs such as […]
Catching Behavior Problems Early

Catching Behavior Problems Early

In this series of tips on parenting, I have to add one that I see very commonly, with sometimes tragic consequences. As a parenting coach and educator, I always feel sad when a parent approaches me whose kids are already in major trouble. These parents care about their kids, but for whatever reason, they didn’t address issues when they were smaller. Now they are faced with much tougher issues that require much tougher choices. I blame this situation on three things: denial, […]
How To Handle Your Child Lying

How To Handle Your Child Lying

Most parents will tell you that they have children that lie from time to time. So why do kids lie and what should you do about it?  As a parent, how do you know which lies are ‘okay’ and which lies are actually signs of more serious problems? First of all, it’s important to understand that lying is actually a normal part of a child’s development. Children lie for a lot of reasons.  Some of them are even acceptable, or at the […]
Our Children as Zen Masters

Our Children Cause Us To Grow Emotionally And Spiritually

Do you want to achieve emotional and spiritual enlightenment? Do you envy people who can go and sit on the mountaintop and meditate all day? Often as parents, we feel more like the woman on the left! However, as part of my series of tips on parenting, I want to highlight the capacity our children have for causing us to grow emotionally and spiritually. For many people, kids provide a much more powerful Zen training than you can get in most monasteries. […]