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Do You Overreact

Why Do Parents Overreact? A Simple But Powerful Tool to Help

There is no such thing as a perfect parent so just be a real one. – Sue Atkins I love sharing inspiring quotes as part of my series of tips on parenting because so much of our job as a parent is keeping our vision for our family and our optimism, even when times are tough. Sometimes when our kids are tantruming, or our teen is rebelling, it is hard not to overreact. Even if you know that it is important to […]
Tips on Parenting: Overcoming Chaos and Feeling Overwhelmed

Tips on Parenting: Overcoming Chaos and Feeling Overwhelmed

If you are experiencing overwhelm, chaos and battling mood issues such as anger, depression, and anxiety, it can seem completely hopeless. You may feel that although you love your children deeply, the parenting thing just isn’t working out as you planned. You may even have days where you wonder if it is even worth it because your life feels so out of control. In this article as part of my series of tips on parenting, I’ll share from my personal and professional […]
Stay In Love After Marriage

How To Stay In Love After Marriage

Many of the best tips on parenting that I know are about our personal growth, and not about our kids at all! I first encountered the idea that parenting is meant to grow ourselves up from an early mentor of mine, Dr. Gordon Neufeld. It was so helpful for me to realize that the ways my kids pushed my buttons were opportunities to grow and become a happier, more mature adult. Reframing the many issues parenting brought up for me helped me […]
Kids Who Talk Too Much

Kids Who Talk Too Much

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child. ~ Forest E. Witcraft I want to share a powerful story with you as part of my series of tips on parenting. It is an example of how important it is to be involved in your children’s lives, even […]
Toddlers And Tantrums

Toddlers And Tantrums

Toddlers and tantrums – they just seem to go together,  If you have a Toddler, you will undoubtedly have temper tantrums from time to time.   Tantrums can be infuriating, frustrating and embarrassing for parents.   What should you do when your child throws a temper tantrum?  First, it helps to know what’s causing the tantrum.  Then you can act accordingly. There are many different reasons for tantrums in young children, but they usually fall into one of 3 categories : The […]
50 Ways To Get A Baby To Take A Nap

50 Ways To Get A Baby To Take A Nap

Every new parent I have ever known is worn out, sleep-deprived, and simply exhausted!  It’s no wonder – according to research by Pregnancy and Birth magazine, newborn babies take an average of 56 minutes to fall asleep at night.   Parents typically have to get up two or three times during the night to calm their baby back to sleep.   Couple that with getting up to feed your baby on average every 4 hours,  means the average Mother gets only three and a […]

How To Get A Child To Eat When They Refuse

Getting kids to eat shouldn’t be a problem.  But getting kids to eat and behave in a civilized manner at the dinner table is an altogether bigger issue.  All too often mealtime can become a battlefield when you have little kids.  Like many other areas of daily life, getting a child to eat is an activity where young children begin to exercise their desire for independence.  It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that you can’t make them eat.  And […]

Potty Training or Mommy & Daddy Training

So many people think potty training is this huge, big deal.  But should it be?  Look around a little and you’re sure to find tons of articles offering all kinds of advice and techniques on how and when to ‘potty train’ your child. I recently saw an article that ‘guarantees’ your child will be potty trained in 3 days!  Really? And let’s not forget all of the well-intentioned advice from family and friends on this subject.  My Mother-in-law swears that her son […]
Parents To Be ‘One Voice’

Why It’s Important For Parents To Be ‘One Voice’

Bobby, age 3, is throwing sand at kids in the park. After repeated warnings that the child will have to go home if he doesn’t stop, Bobby starts screaming and continues to throw sand. Dad grabs Bobby and is ready to put him in the car and take him home. Bobby’s Mom thinks this is too harsh and suggests they divert him with a snack. Dad says ‘no, we’re leaving now’ and the argument breaks out – A familiar scene? A house […]