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3 Year Old Meltdowns - Toddler Temper Tantrums

3 Year Old Meltdowns – Toddler Temper Tantrums

Is it really “The Terrible Two’s”?  Or could it be that this is the first time that parents really have to step up to ‘parent’ their child and they just don’t know what to do?  Up until about the age of 18 months, parents have been mostly caregivers.  They’ve kept their children safe, protected them from harm, fed them, clothed and nurtured them.  They’ve met their most basic needs – not something that most people need to be taught to do.  But […]
When Parents Say Hurtful Things

When Parents Say Hurtful Things

I know that parents don’t get up in the morning thinking of ways to hurt their kids. But when you use hurtful words like “idiot” or “whiner”, or any other type of ridicule or sarcasm, you’re doing more damage than you can possibly imagine. So what happens when a parent say hurtful things? These types of verbal attacks cut deep and can scar like knives. They trigger tremendous feelings of worthlessness. An angry or disgusted tone of voice is something that even […]
Important To Discipline Your Child

Why Is It Important To Discipline Your Child?

We all know that the most important thing parents can give their children is love.  But did you know that discipline is the second most important thing?  Actually, love and discipline cannot be separated.  In order to have a well adjusted, happy, confident child, making that child feel loved is the most important thing you can do.  But love without discipline isn’t enough.  Discipline is equally important. So, what is discipline?  It’s important to know that discipline is NOT punishment.  Punishment is […]
How Do I Let My Child Know I Love Him?

How Do I Let My Child Know I Love Him?

Children, even as infants, are constantly asking their parents, “Do you love me?”  Children, and especially infants, can only ask this question through their behavior, and so consequently we give them our answer to our behaviors.  Not just by what we say, but by what we do.  And believe me, what we say carries far more weight than what we do!  So, how do I let my child know I love him? First, by eye contact.  The more parents make eye contact […]

Resolve To Be A Better Parent This Year

What could be better than resolving to be a better parent this year?  Here are three basic resolutions for moms and dads: Be more positive, more consistent and be more patient! Resolve To Be Positive This sounds so easy, but for most of us, it takes a stronger resolution than quitting smoking or losing weight. Looking for good behavior in our children isn’t always easy. Many of us were conditioned as young children to pay attention to the negative. Turn this around. […]

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Building Confidence and Self Esteem In Your Child

Building Confidence and Self Esteem In Your Child

As a parent, you have the greatest influence of building confidence and self-esteem in your child. For the first 4 or 5 years, parents are the most important contributor. Once a child starts school, teachers and friends begin to play an important role in building confidence and self-esteem. And once he reaches adolescence, his peer group has an incredible impact. The more positive his confidence and self-esteem is before adolescence, the easier it will be for him to resist negative peer pressure. […]