Rainbow Poop & MacGuyver in Training!

Once upon a time, there was a mother who had three children. One child was very compliant, one semi-compliant and one – not so compliant. The mother went through many trials and circumstances training up her three blessings but finally managed to successfully bring them to young adulthood. Looking back over her task, she felt quite confident in her parenting abilities and proclaimed herself ‘parenting expert.’

Teachable Moments

God saw an opportunity for a ‘teachable moment’ and decided to bless the mother with three more children. The mother, with all confidence fitting a ‘parenting expert’ set about the task as she had before. However, God has a sense of humor and gave the mother one ultra-compliant child and two very non-compliant children….. the likes of which the mother had never seen. So much so, she dubbed them ‘MacGuyvers in Training’, from a likeness to the old TV show (MacGuyver-ness, if you will recall, is also characteristic of mother’s sweet husband – so all credit is due him once again 🙂 The MacGuyver in Training label comes from their creativity, ingenuity, and intelligence. While their namesake used these traits to get OUT OF trouble or peril, the MacGuyvers in Training do not have the advantage of wisdom and maturity and use these same traits to get INTO trouble and peril. So we are praying and waiting anxiously for the day when they use their wonderful qualities only for good.

MacGuyver was an ingenious man, capable of performing amazing feats with only a paper clip and a gum wrapper, saving the world from terrible foes. So it is with all the positive aspects of MacGuyver that the mother so named her charges. Yet, MacGuyvers in Training lacks the maturity and wisdom that was evident in their namesake and can be somewhat……… adventuresome as they go about their daily life.

(Note: no children were harmed during these adventures, and the names have been omitted or changed to protect the guilty)

One such ‘adventure’ was the Hairspray Incident: the baby (19 months old at the time), was especially quick and skillful at slipping quietly away and into something she wasn’t supposed to. On this particular day, she managed to get into her big sister’s room and began to spray her hair profusely with hairspray, as quickly as she could, before getting caught. In hearing rapid steps approaching, and her fun about to be interrupted, she attempted to wipe the hairspray from her hair. In doing so, she caused all the hair on top of her head to stand straight up, it drying that way before the fun was foiled. Looking every bit the ‘punk rocker’ of the 80’s, she smiled and said ‘I cute momma!’

Not two days before, ‘Johnny’ also had a Hairspray Incident of his own. Equally skilled at slipping away and causing mischief, Johnny managed to spray the bathroom mirror with mother’s hairspray, drenching it to the point of dripping. When confronted, he claimed he was ‘cleaning’ the mirror and helping the mother. Mmmmm, who let Eddie Haskel in here?!

Rainbow Poop

While there are many, many MacGuyver in training stories to share, I will close with the story of Rainbow Poop.

Being a homeschooling family, mother decided that her little youngest blessings should have preschool time. Being only 18 months, 3 and four years at the time, mother thought coloring with crayons would be a wonderful morning project for them. She sat them down, each with their own box of crayons and paper to color on. Instructing them not to eat them, color on the table or anything but the paper, she let them begin. Things were going smoothly until the phone rang. Mother was distracted for a few moments, when she returned – she saw three smiling faces; two of which were very brightly colored!! Yes, the MacGuyvers in training had struck again – this time, eating the crayons!! Oh dear, mother thought, as she read the label for poison information. Thankfully all was safe and non-toxic. As she changed the baby’s diaper, later that evening, mother stifled a giggle when the elder MacGuyver in Training happened to look at the messy diaper of his little MacGuyver in Training shadow and shouted: “Look, momma, Rainbow Poop!”

The moral of this story is do not become overly confident in your well doing, as God may just set about to humble you in teachable moments and finally, Crayons really are non-toxic and can ‘produce’ some unusually colorful masterpieces!

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