This list focuses on the more academic books about multiples as these are often the more difficult to find.

Some of the texts, such as Helen Koch’s are old but represent an important (and never replicated) study that still has relevance 35 years on. The text by Zazzo is in French and has never been translated in full. Yet it remains a unique study of twins, as a couple and as individuals. More technical work where twins are used primarily to study genetics are not included, but an introduction can be found in the 1999 text by Nancy Segal listed below.

Books for parents of multiples, for multiples themselves, and for surviving multiples are all most readily and easily available from national parents organizations-reference to Multiple Links. list many books for multiple birth families (including quite a few for higher multiples) and reviews from customers that may help decide what to buy. There is an extensive bibliography produced by the National Organisation of Mothers of Twins Clubs

Twin Research, the journal of the International Society for Twin Studies regularly has reviews of new work and new publications on multiples.

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